Kane's Inferno

Kane's Inferno

WrestleMania 30 PPV Preview


The Shield vs. Kane & The New Age Outlaws

Since being hired as Director of Operations by The Authority, the always volatile Kane has struggled at times to act in a manner befitting an impartial administrative figure. When challenged, he has often unleashed Big Red rage on any Superstars who refused to respect the rule of WWE COO Triple H & Stephanie McMahon. And now that The Shield has stopped following the company line, The Devil’s Favorite Demon will partner with The New Age Outlaws at The Showcase of the Immortals to attempt to put The Hounds of Justice in their place.

In a little more than a year’s time, the black-clad trio of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & United States Champion Dean Ambrose has laid waste to the likes of The Undertaker, The Rock, Daniel Bryan and Big Show. All the while, their unique brand of justice has often brought them into an unspoken alliance with The Authority along the way. However, after infighting and jealousy caused The Hounds to suffer heartbreaking defeats to The Wyatt Family, an intense “Shield Summit” on SmackDown brought Reigns, Rollins & Ambrose into a renewed unity that would spell destruction for anyone in their path — including, as it turned out, high-ranking Authority brass.

When Kane began talking down to The Shield and order them to administer beat downs to Big Show and Jerry Lawler respectively, the triumvirate refused to comply, instead turning their assault on the Director of Operations.

In response, Kane enlisted the services of the six-time Tag Team Champions, The New Age Outlaws, to help deliver a retaliatory strike to The Shield during a WWE Tag Team Title No. 1 Contenders Fatal 4-Way Match. It’s hard to ignore that Road Dogg & Billy Gunn have longstanding ties with The Authority’s Triple H, which date back to their days of running roughshod over Superstars as part of DX.

Will the Attitude Era stalwarts make The Shield regret ever crossing their “Authority”? Or will The Hounds of Justice prove on The Grandest Stage of Them All that, when united, the WWE Universe is indeed still their yard? Find out when WrestleMania 30 airs live on WWE Network, Sunday April 6!

Mar 25, 2014

One thought on “WrestleMania 30 PPV Preview

  1. Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter Steele)
    / Reply

    If this was Kane & The New Age Outlaws set as the ‘heroes’ and not the ‘heels’, I would want Kane to win. It just seems to be leaning towards The Shield standing victorious in their WM30 match, and as the ‘heroes’.
    This storyline of ‘Corporate Kane’ needs to come to a end, as well as any storyline that’s trying to create a ‘Corporate Outlaws’ image. Let Road Dog Jessie James and Badass Billy Gunn have one more title reign (as heroes) before completely retiring from pro wrestling.

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