Kane's Inferno

Kane's Inferno

Top 50 Villians in Wrestling History

#41 Kane

Freezing his father alive? Check. Electrocuting a McMahon? Check. Launching a wheelchair-bound Broski off the entrance ramp? Check. Burning and burying his half-brother alive? Checkmate.

In his fiery tenure with WWE, Kane did his part to heinously torment everyone who stepped in his path. Anytime he remotely hinted at remorse, The Big Red Monster became more despicable than ever.

Kane’s most vile behavior came after losing his mask in 2003. During an interview with Jim Ross, Kane flipped out on the helpless WWE Hall of Famer, saying he needed to “feel [his] pain.” The Devil’s Favorite Demon then attacked J.R. and doused him with gasoline. As the production crew pleaded for mercy and J.R.’s longtime friend, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, watched helplessly from the arena, Kane ignited the legendary broadcaster.

Any Superstar willing to burn another defenseless human being warrants a spot as one of the baddest of all time.

Aug 18, 2012

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