Kane's Inferno

Kane's Inferno

Monday Night RAW Results – October 27th 2014

Randy Orton confronted Seth Rollins

What do you do when your younger, faster counterpart upstages you in the most must-win environment WWE has to offer? Well, if you’re Randy Orton and your would-be usurper is Seth Rollins, you steal your thunder right back. The Apex Predator picked the perfect moment to sink his fangs into Rollins, too. Orton shut down the would-be coming out party for The Authority’s appointed “standard-bearer of WWE” (thrown in honor of Rollins’ dubious Hell in a Cell victory) with a red-faced tirade. He followed with a — yep — RKO outta nowhere that dropped Mr. Money in the Bank like loose change and a smile splayed across the once (and maybe future) Face of WWE.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Kane

As difficult as it is to believe, Dolph Ziggler isn’t a fan of authority — to say nothing of The Authority — and The Showoff’s perceived interest in joining Team Cena got him into hot water with none other than the demon-dabbling Kane. While any ordinary employee would likely suffer severe discipline from WWE’s hellish Director of Operations, Ziggler escaped his sinister performance evaluation with top marks, thwarting the former World Heavyweight Champion’s sadistic take on corporate justice with the same skills that extended his Intercontinental Title reign at Hell in a Cell.

Kane delivered a dominant physical performance for much of the match, putting his size and strength advantage to good use and stopping Ziggler cold both figuratively and, in the case of a splash-halting right hand, literally for the majority of the contest. Ziggler leaned on his speed advantage over the big man to win the match by reversing a Chokeslam into a sunset flip pin. But he wasn’t fast enough to stop a post-match beat-down from Seth Rollins that was only halted by an appearance from John Cena himself, who helped Dolph beat The Authority into retreat.

John Cena def. Seth Rollins via Disqualification

Rollins ultimately battled his way into the advantage on his own in impressive fashion, as he utilized the steel steps and announce table to his advantage while still remaining within the rules. He found himself locked in an STF all the same, though Kane’s timely arrival ended the match in a disqualification favoring Cena. Happily, Dolph Ziggler soon arrived to even the odds … followed by the entire locker room in an apparent group audition for Team Cena and Team Authority alike that ended with Cena and The Authority staring down above the fray. So who’s it gonna be?

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