Kane's Inferno

Kane's Inferno

Monday Night RAW Results – May 12th 2014

Stephanie McMahon called out WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan

Something is not sitting right with one of WWE’s principal owners, and it’s the state of affairs surrounding the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. Despite the heartfelt address the “Yes!” Man delivered to the WWE Universe less than an hour earlier, Stephanie McMahon – who’s lately asserted herself as Bryan’s primary front-office foe thanks to Triple H’s preoccupation with The Shield – more or less insinuated Bryan’s injury was proof positive of what she’s been saying all along: That Bryan can’t hang with the “A-plus players” of WWE.

She demanded a face-to-face with the Champion of Champions, but what she got was a glimpse of just how far she’d gone by returning Kane’s mask to him: The former Director of Operations emerged instead of Bryan, dragging the bearded husk of his former tag-team partner and depositing him on the stage Stephanie, who could only look on in horror at her creation’s handiwork.

May 14, 2014