Kane's Inferno

Kane's Inferno

WWE ’12 Creative Director, Cory Ledesma, gives all of the details on this month’s title update (patch) and DLC. A part of it pertains to Kane!

As a token of our appreciation, we’ve included a free Superstar in our upcoming Legends & Superstars DLC Pack release to thank you for your patience. The free Superstar is a retro masked Kane from the Attitude Era. With the recent debut of the new masked Kane, we felt it would be fitting to include some Kane nostalgia for your enjoyment. This special addition to the DLC pack will be available free of charge for the first two weeks of release. Although we would love to include the latest masked Kane, the date of his debut and our model creation timelines made it impossible to include him in this pack. Please enjoy the latest addition to your roster, courtesy of THQ, and make sure Attitude Era Kane gives the rest of your roster hell!

The DLC pack is said to be available on January 31st!


Jan 26, 2012

Remember that very brief video I posted of Kane and Kelly’s entrance from Comic Con? Well DRC managed to also snag a tiny interview with Kane, mostly asking him about See No Evil, his horror movie that came out back in 2006.

DRC was able to take time out of our busy Comic-Con schedule to attend an autograph signing with WWE’s Kane. Glen Jacobs burst on the scene as Kane in 1998 at a Pay Per View called Bad Blood. There, he assaulted his storyline brother, The Undertaker, during a Hell in a Cell match.

Kane is 6’9, 320 pounds, yet was amazed at the huge Voltron statue at the entrance of the Mattel booth. He kept looking up at it and saying, “Wow, that’s awesome! Wow!” Despite his size and rather frightening looks, Kane is a big kid at heart.

Considering Kane is my favorite wrestler ever, my hands were beyond sweaty and my nerves were tweaking. I approached the signing table and greeted one of my idols. I asked him, “How about See No Evil 2? What are the chances of that?” He offered a short giggle and replied, “Not very likely at this point.” I guess Glen Jacob’s Hollywood career was extremely short-lived.

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Jul 28, 2011

Credit: F4WOnline.com & NoDQ.com

Big Show is taking a few months off to rest up with the feeling that it’s best for him to rotate in and out for the benefit of his long-term health, especially at this stage of his career. Kane is taking time off for similar reasons and to help get Mark Henry over for a potential feud with Randy Orton.

Considering the fact that it’s known that Kane has been suffering from injuries, this is probably for the best.

Jul 28, 2011

WWE.com has posted the following:

Similar to what he did to Big Show at Money in the Bank, Mark Henry brutalized Kane’s leg using a steel chair on the July 22 edition of SmackDown. The attack occurred just moments after Orton defeated Kane in a brutal Street Fight.

According to WWE doctor Michael Sampson, Kane suffered a fractured fibula, which will keep him out of the ring for at least three months. “But because of potential complications with such a severe injury, it could also keep him out of action for an undetermined amount of time,” Sampson said.

Prior to taking out two of WWE largest Superstars, Henry brutalized a WWE audio technician. Stay with WWE.com for more details on all of these incidents.

However, if this was accurate in the slightest, I don’t see how Kane would have been walking perfectly fine like he was at Comic Con as noted in my earlier post.

Jul 23, 2011

WWE has recently gifted us fans with video previews from the Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century DVD set that’s set to come out later this month. The preview they gave for Kane was from his match in 2003 against Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship, where Kane lost and was forced to unmask. Relieve a part of that match above, and be sure to pick up your copy of the Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century.

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Jul 14, 2011

May 19th…..May 19th….May 19th…….it’s a date that most wrestling fans and Kane fans know by heart, a date that stands out amongst all the others. For years, May 19th meant nothing more than just another date until 2006. For weeks a voice would echo throughout the arena stating the horrid date along “They’re all going to know” and “You can’t hide it”, leaving Kane visibly shaken every time. When co-workers spoke the date, Kane would unleash a fury unlike no other, ordering them to never say the dreaded date. The one thing that these incidents effected the most was Kane’s friendship with tag team partner, The Big Show.

After asking Big Show repeatedly to never state the date, Big Show would say it just to prove that it was just a date, nothing more. And just like before, Kane unleashed on him, attacking Big Show’s eye before being yanked away by security. This incident lead on to more issues for the team, alongside of their earlier loss of the titles to The Spirit Squad.

Relive the horror of May 19th as we go back in time to reflect on every moment available as Kane was tortured out of his mind by the date, May 19th.

May 19, 2011

Today we unveil a brand new venture between Kanes-Inferno.com and our brother site PhenomForever.com, providing a run down of what in our humble opinions have been the top 10 moments between Kane and The Undertaker over the years. Each week we’ll unveil the next in the countdown until we reach the #1 spot. Feel free to have your say in comments and let us know what you think, though bear in mind this is just the opinion of two crazy webbies that have too much time on their hands! Enjoy!

Candice: Four years is a long time for anyone to go without physical interaction another individual, especially in wrestling. The same holds true for the Brothers of Destruction, Kane and The Undertaker. Under force by Vickie Guerrero herself, ECW Champion Kane took on his brother, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker. This match is quite possibly one of the most technical match these two men have ever wrestled in. These two brothers, these two monsters know each other so well that to see them take each other in such a technically match is amazing. Of course, knowing Vickie, she has to be her normal unhappy self and has her husband, Edge, and Familia attack right as the men start to have a second go at each other. Nonetheless, this match is definitely one of my favorite television matches.

While this match is definitely a great one, I feel that it doesn’t quite have the same mythical and awe-inspiring feeling that their feuds have had in the past. Since it was merely a thrown together match by Vickie, I guess this wouldn’t be that big of a surprise. This feeling is the reason that this match ranks in at #10 for me. While it’s interesting due to the technical nature, it doesn’t have the same intensity as their other matches.

Jen: Normally most meetings between the two brothers of Destruction are heavy hitting and brutal slugfests that utilize both men’s strength. What’s interesting about this match is that at the start they take things to a technical level, proving both can really wrestle as well as throw their weight around. At the time the brothers were on good terms, so this friendly match wasn’t as high tension as their meetings usually are, however with Vickie Guerrero and Edge looming in the background there was an air of uncertainty to it. The brothers went from technical to hard hitting mid way through the match as Kane quite literally punk slapped Undertaker, leading to Taker serving his little brother his butt on a plate. Eventually they fought one another to a standstill.. or a lie still. Both men wearily sitting up at the same time unwilling to admit defeat, that is until the inevitable attack came from the Familia and Edge. Breaking up a great fun little match and trying to get the best of the Brothers of Destruction.

Some people never learn. Edge is one of them. Taker and Kane were not to be bested by the shenanigans of Vickie Guerreros lackeys and they hit back, tossing out Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber and then Tombstoning Edge and Chavo Guerrero to leave with their heads high. A fun match, a great showcase of both men’s abilities as well as their storytelling prowess. A different tone to their usual matches, but great viewing nevertheless. Welcome to the #10 spot!

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May 12, 2011

Today marks an important day for us Kaneanites, today is Kane’s birthday! Kane, better known as Glenn Jacobs to his family and friends, turns 44 years old today and as such it’s only right that we celebrate his birthday as much as we can!

Remember that birthday project some of you contributed to? Well, now is your chance to read what everyone else had to say, including myself, by visiting the birthday project right now!

Apr 26, 2011

In a little over a month, Kane will be celebrating his 44th birthday. As a way of showing our support and love of The Big Red Monster, I’ve put together an interactive birthday project as a sub-site to the main site. For the next month, leading up to Kane’s birthday on April 26th, you, the fans, can submit your very own birthday messages and I’ll add them on to the project. You can send any kind of message you want, even videos of yourself saying happy birthday or an image you’ve made.

On April 26th, I will make a new post with the link to the birthday project, which will also appear on the twitter page and the facebook page. Currently, I’m working out some way to get the project shown to him, so cross your fingers for that part.

Nonetheless, if you want to send your own birthday message for the birthday project please use the Birthday Project Form, or if that doesn’t work send your message to admin@kanes-inferno.com . If you have any problems, please post in the chat box.

Please remember all hate, cruel, or inappropriate messages will NOT be posted, please keep this civil.

Mar 25, 2011

As we reported earlier, the current possible idea is for Kane to team up with Big Show, Kofi Kingston, and Christian to take on the team, The Corre. Now, there’s another idea going around.

There has also been talk of Core vs. Big Show & Kane & Kevin Nash in a handicap match or Corre vs. Show & Kane & two others, which may be where babyfaces like Kofi Kingston end up.

If they go with the handicap match, that would be a 3 on 4 match, which isn’t too much of a handicap but still is. Either way they go though, it seems like they’re shoving all of the after-thought men into this match.

Mar 9, 2011