Kane's Inferno

Kane's Inferno

In all the chaos that is WrestleMania somehow this interview from 3 days ago seems to have slipped past us! But regardless, here it is! On the 24th, Kane sat in for an interview with Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling to give what might be one of the best interviews he’s done in recent time.

Here’s just a teaser of it, and you can find the full interview at the link below.

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Mar 29, 2015

ShockYa.com, who conducted an interview with Kane months ago, sat down with Danielle Harris to discuss See No Evil 2. In the interview she talked about how Kane did all of his own stunts which you can read about below.

SY: Kane, who you mentioned earlier, reprised his role of killer Jacob Goodnight from the original film. What was your experience of working with him on the sequel?

DH: Kane’s a professional, wonderful and kind. He just shows up and does his job. But unfortunately, he’s one of those guys who always has to perform his own stunts. I don’t have that problem, because I only do my own stunts when it’s needed, and I truly feel comfortable. (laughs) But on this movie, I did do all of my own stunts.
But no one can do what Kane does. He broke through so many doors on a daily basis, and also had to beat the crap out of people every single day. So not only did he have to do all the acting, but he also had to do all his own physical performing.

I guess that’s actually just another day at the office for him, because this is what he does in his daily life in the ring. But he definitely had his work cut out for him in this movie. He’s wonderful, and I really enjoyed working with him. He made my job very easy.


Mar 8, 2015

Shockya.com recently conducted an interview with Kane to discuss See No Evil 2 in an extreme detail! There has yet to be an interview that allows Kane to talk this much about the movie, so I definitely suggest you check out the entire thing.

Here’s a little teaser for you:

SY: Were you able to have any rehearsal time with Jen and Sylvia, or your co-stars, to discuss your characters’ backstories and relationships as you were shooting?

GJ: Yes, absolutely. In fact, there are two scenes in the movie that weren’t in the original script that have become my favorite in the movie. The reason they’re in the movie is because Jen and Sylvia wanted to put them in. They’re the scenes that really flush out Jacob, and what’s going on with him. Then I lobbied pretty heavily to get them put in, as well.

It was funny that when these scenes were added, the higher-ups were like, “Man, you got those scenes written pretty quickly.” But Jen and Sylvia had already written them long before then, and were just putting them in. (laughs) In a lot of respects, I think the three of us were of the same mindset when it came to that.

Than, of course, they were also working with veteran actors and people really liked, like Danielle. That’s the wonderful thing about great directors-they’re open for input from the actors. The director may have a vision, but it’s up to the actors to make it come to life and carry it out. So the actors have to be comfortable with that vision. But sometimes the actors will have better ideas, because they’re actually the people making it happen. The thing about a great director is that they have that great security and confidence to say, “Yes, that’s a good idea, let’s do that.”

You can read the entire interview here.

Nov 21, 2014

Thetelegraph.com conducted an interview with Kane to hype up the upcoming Survivor Series PPV on Sunday that’ll be based out of St. Louis. In the interview, Kane talks about how despite living in Knoxville for 20 years, St. Louis is truly his home.

“It’s always good to come back home, really St. Louis is home for me, where I became a fan, where I debuted, in my first ‘Hell in a Cell’ match,” the superstar recalled. “Certainly St. Louis has been a big part of my personal history with wrestling and WWE.”

Kane, 47, has called Knoxville, Tenn., home now for the last 20 years, but considers himself from this area because his parents grew up in West Alton, Mo., while he grew up in Hannibal, Mo.

“We would come down; when I was a kid, I say we lived in the country where cable was out most of the time, and the closest all-star wrestling was out of Kansas City (Mo.), but once a month at grandma’s in West Alton, I’d watch ‘Wrestling at The Chase,’” he recalled.

He also talks about the talent down in NXT at the WWE Performance Center.

“I think the upcoming talent is great. For awhile I was very worried about the future of WWE because I worried about where the stars would come from,” he explained. “But WWE has done a fabulous job in partnering with Full Sail University, for WWE’s training facility. Some of the guys are second and third generations, but the thing about WWE’s training, is they learn our system before going on the roster, it’s more seamless. WWE’s future is bright.”


Nov 21, 2014

A professional wrestler spent his morning outside of the ring and inside an East Tennessee school teaching a lesson in kindness.

Glenn Jacobs, better known as Kane in the WWE, spoke to Fountain City Elementary students Wednesday.

He taught the messages of “The Kindness Revolution, “which focuses on promoting integrity, respect, and recognizing when kids do kind acts.

For Kane, the message he teaches is a personal one.

“I think everybody at some point in their life is one side of being bullied or the other, and that’s unfortunate. And it is important to me because of course our kids are the future, so the more that someone like me can do to help get the message out the better,” said Kane.

After Kane spoke, he gave every child a “Pay it forward” bracelet. The idea is the students will hand out a bracelet when they see one of their friends doing a kind act.


Nov 20, 2014

Simply put, there is no better guest to have on Halloween than WWE Superstar Kane. He’s demonic, twisted, sinister and comes from the depths of Hell. That and he’s a butt-kicking machine with a red mask who is also carving out a name for himself as a Hollywood slasher. I caught up with ‘The Big Red Monster’ just after the release of See No Evil 2, the sequel to WWE Studio’s first major release.

In the film, Kane resurrects the role of Jacob Goodnight, who has an insatiable appetite for gore and ruins a poor girl’s birthday party by going on a killing spree inside of a morgue. Kane told me he thinks Goodnight ranks among the all-time great big screen slashers because of the uniqueness of the character. “Jacob runs more on emotion and he thinks, whereas guys like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, they’re just instinctive (killers),” he said.

Only Hannibal Lecter ranks ahead of Goodnight on his list, purely because The Silence of the Lambs icon is “an intellectual monster” and more realistic than his over-the-top counterparts. “He’s smarter than everybody else. That’s what makes him so dangerous and scary,” he said.

But what about the scariest wrestlers in WWE history? I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask the man whom many would say tops the list of pro wrestlers most likely to scare the life out of you.

Listen to the interview here

Nov 1, 2014

Recently, The Rack sat with Kane to help promote his new movie, See No Evil 2. Below are just a few highlights of the interview courtesy of prowrestling.net

What can we expect from Jacob Goodnight in ‘See No Evil 2’: “Well, this is going to be a little bit different than ‘See No Evil’; the girls who directed this film are twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska, and they have a huge following in the horror genre and are going to be the next big thing in horror. What’s really interesting about ‘See No Evil 2’ for me, and I just got to see the finished copy the other day, is the fact that despite the film is dealing with disturbing material, is a beautifully shot movie. It’s beautiful; the cinematography is awesome, and the soundtrack is great and it’s really a contrast as you are dealing with this disturbing material and violence and everything but also you’re going ‘Wow, this is really pretty’. What we also tried to do was to try and bring more depth to the characters and to actually have not to your stereotypical slasher movie; let’s make it a movie where you cared about the people in the movie and hopefully that brings about more emotional involvement and not just the visceral visual effects but the fact that you’re like ‘Oh, I really like that person’ and hopefully it makes it a little more scary that way.”

Does he enjoy the fact that recently he’s been able to explore different aspects of the Kane Character (Team Hell No, Corporate Kane, The Big Red Machine): “No, absolutely; I’m having a lot of fun. The Team Hell No stuff with Daniel Bryan has probably been the most fun I’ve ever had in WWE because it was something complete different than anything I’d ever done before. I’d always been a very curious character and here we are providing the comic relief to the show. So, if you’d asked people before we did Team Hell No that Kane was going to be the guy you were laughing at, who would have said yes, right? So, that was a lot of fun and with The Authority now, with Corporate Kane, it’s also very gratifying for me because now he’s sort of a normal person, but underneath it, you have that underlying fact he’s a monster and now he has political power, which is really scary. So, I do have a lot of fun doing different things because as a performer it gets stale when you’re doing just one thing for years and years and years. So, I’m grateful for the opportunity to do different characters.”

His favorite Hell in a Cell moments: “Well, my favorite would have to be, of course, my debut and ripping the door off and going in and giving a tombstone piledriver to The Undertaker and having Vince (McMahon) screaming ‘That’s gotta be Kane!’; that would far and away have to be my favorite moment. Even though it wasn’t at a Hell in a Cell PPV, I’ll never forget the match between Undertaker and Mankind at King of the Ring in Pittsburgh; when Mick went off the cell and then through the cell. That was one of those things that sort of rocketed the Attitude Era into the stratosphere.”

The weirdest thing he’s ever gotten from a fan: “I haven’t gotten a lot of weird stuff; I’ve gotten a lot of stuffed animals, which is different, but probably the weirdest thing that’s ever happened or the most uncomfortable thing that’s ever happened was I received a fan letter at my house. It was really, really nice and it was from a gentleman who was interested in promoting drug awareness and gang resistance and that sort of thing, and it was really great except the fact that he was going to do that once he got out of prison; so yeah, the letter had come from prison. I don’t get a whole lot of really weird stuff.”

You can listen to the full piece by clicking here.

Oct 18, 2014

Hall of Fame Induction of Paul Bearer

It’s been a little more than a year since Paul Bearer (Percy Pringle) died. Last year at ‘Mania, The Undertaker dedicated his victory over CM Punk to the memory of his former manager. Of course, Paul Bearer had just as much impact on the career of Kane as well as Kane’s storyline-brother.

“Without him, I wouldn’t be Kane,” the Director of Operations said bluntly. “Without Paul Bearer, there wouldn’t be The Undertaker. Paul Bearer was the bridge between The Undertaker and Kane.”

“I still think the Kane/Undertaker story is the best WWE story ever told,” Kane added. “The reason they were able to tell that story was because of Paul Bearer. He was talking about Kane six months before you ever saw him… He was an integral part of that story… It’s well deserved to see him go into the Hall of Fame. He’s as much of a part of WWE as any in-ring performer.”

Full Interview

Mar 16, 2014

Kare11 has a brand new interview with Kane out where they talk about Elimination Chamber.

Feb 22, 2014

Unleash The Fanboy, a totally awesome place for nerds and comic book lovers, recently talked to Kane about comics! Who knew our boy was into comics, eh?

Kane is many things. He is a proud pyromaniac who once enjoyed setting Jim Ross on fire. He is a family man with a tight relationship with his brother, the Undertaker. So tight that they are sometimes literally locking each other in different submission holds (nothing is tighter than the Hell’s Gate). He is a former champion who gives great hugs. And best of all, he is also a total comic nerd! Actually, he is a wrestlerd. Get it? A wrestlerd is a wrestler and a nerd. I took the two words and smooshed ‘em together! It was very clever of me!

Want to know who Kane’s favorite comic book character is? Well check it out in this blurb below?

My favorite superhero was Thor. Before he became, like, Thor all the time. When he was still Donald Blake, right. So back in the day, and this was a long, long, long time ago, but they had this series, Marvel had a series, where all the superheroes were transported to a different world. And they just basically had sort of death matches in this different world, right. And one of the deals was.

To read the interview in full, check it out here!

Oct 26, 2013